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        Key major research base on the humanities and social science established by National Ministry of Education——The Center for Hui Studies of Anhui University (CHSAU).
CHSAU is an entity research institution recombined in 1999,and it is among the first 15 normal high school major research bases by the approval of Ministry of Education. Present chairman of CHSAU is Pro. Zhu Wanshu, and Chairman of Learning Committee is Pro. Qu Lindong of Beijing Normal University. CHSAU preserves over 12,000 ancient Huizhou documents and files, including various hand-written copies, genealogies and collected works, which amounted more than 500 kinds. At present, nine significant projects are on research..........


    International Interchang     Nes Reports
    Japanese scholars were engaged by CHSAU
           as part-time researchers.

    Academic Seminar “Research of Comparison
           of Andong Study in S. Korea and Hui Study in

   Guo Qitao, associate professor of Dept. of
          History of Hawaii University of USA gave an
          academic speech/report and he was engaged
          by the center as part-time researcher .

    The sign of agreement of cooperation and
          exchange with National of Study Revitalization
          Institute of S. Korea

On March 30 ,introduced by History of Natural
          Science Institute of China’s Academy  ........
    Pro. Zhu Wanshu and Bian Li were invited by
          CCTV to talk about Huizhou.

    Academic Seminar “Research of Comparison
          of Andong Study in S. Korea and Hui Study in

    Minister Zhou Ji of Ministry of Education came
          to inspect the Center .

    "International Seminar of Clan and Society of
          Huizhou” had a satisfactory close.

    In the morning of September, 17, “the 25th
          annual conference of Hui study and research
         of the ancient books and recordsof Ming and

          Qing Dynasties in Anhui Province, that is, the
          research seminar of Chinese  ........








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